Cultivate influential leaders through confident communication.

SpeakHaus is a leadership communication coaching company transforming how leaders and their teams connect. Our scalable, personalized coaching programs equip leaders at every level with the skills to communicate effectively and change organizational culture.

About SpeakHaus

Strategic Coaching to Achieve Your Organizational Goals

We partner with the world’s most innovative companies to align teams, cultivate influential leaders, and transform organizational culture. We have facilitated coaching workshops and talent development programs for over 10,000 leaders and their teams.

Signs that SpeakHaus coaching is right for your organization:

Your team is high-performing and ready to excel with improved communication skills.
Your leaders need support to effectively communicate and take on new challenges.
Your organization is ready to transform to seize new opportunities and maximize your team's potential.
You aim to build a positive, collaborative culture through increased morale and engagement.
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Proven expertise

Coaches with globally recognized certifications and deep industry expertise in communication, leadership, and organizational culture.

Measurable impact

A holistic view of leadership development through assessment, including 360-degree reviews and pre- and post- session evaluations.

Co-created programs

Build custom programs aligned to your goals, featuring flexible delivery options to ensure the right fit for your needs.

Practical tools

Programs designed around a simple set of evidence-based, immediately actionable tools and techniques.


Empowering clients to discover and implement their own solutions, using their unique strengths, resources, and preferences.

On-demand support

Just-in-time support via our AI-speaking coach, voice and text messaging, and micro-learnings for leaders and their teams.

Why organizations work with SpeakHaus?

At SpeakHaus, we believe communication is the critical link between strategic objectives and daily interactions, offering coaching and training that simultaneously develops leadership and communication skills.

Culture Transformation

Changing mindsets and behaviors, and aligning communication for successful change management.

Leadership Development

Developing authentic and influential leaders at every level of your organization.

Inclusion and Belonging

Fostering inclusive leadership cultures through authentic communication and skilled facilitation.


Improving communication to align teams, and manage stakeholder expectations and engagement during transitions.

Innovation & Agility

Upskilling technical leaders and subject matter experts to effectively communicate complex information.

Succession Planning

Enhancing visibility and upskilling key leaders' communication to ensure they are ready for upcoming transitions.

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You'll speak confidently—leaving lasting impressions on everyone in the room.

Gain a competitive edge that helps you stand out more plus attract new opportunities.

Discover your unique voice that showcases your personality, ideas, and expertise authentically.

Build an unrivaled team of influential leaders poised to transform your organization.

At SpeakHaus, we go beyond conventional leadership development by cultivating deep connections and ensuring every team member is aligned with your organizational mission.

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Let's get started. Here's the process:

The SpeakHaus Approach provides a proven way to transform leaders and their teams through coaching that focuses on the intersection of communication, organizational culture, and identity.


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Get to know our leadership team, plus diagnose your challenges and set goals together.


Co-create a coaching program for your goals.

Our trained coaches will develop your leaders communication skills across 6-month sprints.


Transform your team through communication.

Relax knowing that your team can connect, communicate, and lead in moments that matter most.

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