Transform your team  through communication.

At SpeakHaus, we build teams of engaged collaborators and confident communicators by leveraging collaborative training experiences, professional coaching, and technology.

About SpeakHaus

Communication can make or break your team.

At SpeakHaus, our coaches partner with your team to provide transformative communication coaching for talent at all levels, empowering them to excel in connecting, contributing, and collaborating during the moments that matter most.

Signs that SpeakHaus coaching is perfect for your team:

Your team is high-performing and ready to excel with improved communication skills.
Your rising leaders need support to effectively communicate and take on new challenges.
Your business is ready to capitalize on new opportunities and maximize your team's potential.
You aim to build a positive, collaborative culture through increased morale and engagement.
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Skill-based team pathways

Our tailored development pathways are designed to meet your team's specific needs by integrating team objectives, challenges, and organizational context.

Personalized coaching plans

Our coaching platform delivers access to live coaching and on-demand training in an engaging way, adapted to each team member's unique needs.

Live professional coaching

Our matching service connects teams and individuals with coaches to create a partnership for true accountability, feedback, and ongoing development.

Measurable growth and impact

We measure the progress and impact of our coaching, ensuring that your team's development is leading to tangible results.

Why teams work with SpeakHaus?

Traditional training methods and vast libraries of on-demand content fall short in meeting the communication needs of today's teams. That's why teams are choosing SpeakHaus for our tailored, results-driven approach to empowering effective communication.

Build a culture of trust

We build trust and credibility between management and teams, fostering open communication and collaboration.

Empower ownership

We empower team members to take ownership of their roles and make meaningful contributions, increasing engagement and improving retention.

Develop team leaders

We develop confident leaders who are ready to step up and fill in during the absence of key team members.

Improve performance

We improve teams ability to communicate and navigate through uncertainty, complexity, and conflict, leading to better decision making and teamwork.

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You'll speak confidently—leaving lasting impressions on everyone in the room.

Gain a competitive edge that helps you stand out more plus attract new opportunities.

Discover your unique voice that showcases your personality, ideas, and expertise authentically.

Build an all-star team of great
communicators that will make you proud.

At SpeakHaus, we know the real and sustainable way to build a great team is to foster connection and alignment with your organizational mission.

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Let's get started. Here's the process:


Schedule a discovery session and demo

Get to know our leadership team, plus diagnose your challenges and set goals together.


Leave the onboarding and team coaching to us

Our trained coaches will develop your team's communication skills across 3- or 6-month sprints.


Watch your team transform with ease

Relax knowing that your team can connect, communicate, and lead during critical moments.

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Simple & Transparent Pricing

SpeakHaus Team Plans

Team Plan

$525 / Month per employee

Best suited for teams and companies looking for customizable and flexible team coaching and workshops.

On-demand Coaching
Coaching Workshops*
Team Coaching
Individual Coaching
Pro plan

$775 / Month per employee

Perfect for leaders, domain experts, and high-potential individuals who need 1:1 coaching support to achieve goals.

On-demand Coaching
Coaching Workshops*
Team Coaching
Individual Coaching

15 employees & 6-month minimum agreement
*Included in all team plans 90-min. coaching workshop every 6-months

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